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                                                      Pregnancy Facts

                   Pregnancy is measured in trimesters that are approximately 
3 mon
ths each in duration.

                  1st Trimester
                      (Week 1 - Week 12)

28 days
after fertilization the baby's heart is beating
      (about 65 beats a minute)
  •  Brain waves have been recorded at 40 days

  •  At 10 weeks the baby is already more than 2 inches

  •  At 12 weeks...
         -  his hands, feet & toes are fully formed
         -  he sucks his thumb, squints, swallows
         -  all organs are present

Watch this video for additional 
information on fetal development.

         2nd Trimester
                           (Week 13 - Week 28)

  •  At about 16 weeks the baby is about 4-5 inches
      long and 
weighs about 3 ounces
  •  The baby is quite active at 20 weeks and his kicks
      will be felt for the first time. He can also hear
      sounds, perhaps even his mother's voice!

  •  At 28 weeks taste buds have begun to form and
      hair starts 
to grow on the baby's head

  •  The baby is sleeping regularly and continues
      to grow


 3rd Trimester                 
                          (Week 29 - Week 40)

  • The baby's bones are fully formed a
t abo
     32 weeks

  •  He can open and close his eyes and is 
sensitive to

  •  At 36 weeks the baby is about 16 to 19 inches
      long and continues to gain weight (1/2 pound a

  •  The baby is full-term after 37 weeks 

  •   All organs are able to function on their own
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